Avalon’s Investment in OnBeep: Heads up, hand free communication.

I’ve always loved the Star Trek communicator – direct contact between individuals seamlessly enabled by the ship’s communication system. Now the real world can use this same functionality communicating hands free with an idea we love, OnBeep.

Yesterday, OnBeep announced its Series A round of $6.25 million with great reception. We lead the round, backing this idea for one main reason: Everyone communicates; OnBeep will fundamentally change the way in which we do that.

OnBeep comes at a unique time. With the billions of smart phones proliferating, and the countless messaging apps available to us, none have the hands free, heads up technology that OnBeep provides. As Founder and CEO Jesse Robbins said, “We make it easy for people to instantly connect, collaborate and do amazing things together,” with beautiful, wearable communication devices.

There are endless applications for small and large groups of people who need to communicate in real time, while engaged in activities that are not conducive or appropriate for whipping out their mobile phone. From sports and music events, to parents at the zoo, to ushers, to construction teams, OnBeep allows the heavy network lifting to be done by the smart phone in your pocket so you can communicate with your team distraction-free.

We backed OnBeep because we love this idea and we believe they will fundamentally change the way the world communicates.