2015 at Avalon Ventures: Our Year in Review

January is already flying by, but over at Avalon, we wanted to take a moment to sit back and reflect on 2015. It was an exciting year for us across our biotech and high tech practices, from coast to coast. Here are…  Read More

Bundle, Unbundle, Repeat

Unbundling is a powerful trend. You see it affecting every sector from personal finance to ecommerce to travel. Every industry is susceptible to unbundling, and the innovation economy is pushing many of them in this direction today. Once upon a…  Read More

Same-day Delivery as a Service: Sidecar’s People + Packages

On February 9th, our portfolio company, Sidecar, announced that it will take same-day delivery nationwide through its program people + packages. Sidecar explained it like this, ”If you’ve taken a ride in San Francisco lately, there’s a good chance there…  Read More

Our Investment in Skycatch and the Future of UAVs

“The most exciting part about Skycatch is the worlds largest companies in construction, mining, agriculture, energy and oil and gas trust Skycatch and their technologies to optimize their workflows and provide unique and actionable data on a daily basis.” –…  Read More

Inside Our Investment In Sidecar

“Every successful company needs exceptional people, product and money, with the continuation of the Sidecar funding and the addition of some exceptional new investors, we are going to rock this trillion dollar market.” Rich Levandov Often in the startup world,…  Read More

Adoption of Connected Devices Is Disrupting Health Management

healthcare wearable device disruption

The advent and growing adoption of connected devices is rapidly changing the mindset and expectations of consumers. The promise of the Internet of Everything fundamentally lies in connecting people, objects, data, and processes in new (and often previously unimaginable) ways.…  Read More