Avalon’s Continued Investment in Kinvey

Yesterday our portfolio company Kinvey announced their Series B raise. Our decision to continue to invest was simple. With uncanny accuracy, Kinvey has constantly predicted the features, timing and pace of needs of enterprise clients to accelerate their support of…  Read More

Inside Our Investment In Sidecar

“Every successful company needs exceptional people, product and money, with the continuation of the Sidecar funding and the addition of some exceptional new investors, we are going to rock this trillion dollar market.” Rich Levandov Often in the startup world,…  Read More

Three traits VCs Value in the founding team

  Kevin Kinsella, founder of Avalon Ventures, along with other VCs of respective firms, recently shared traits they believed to be vital to successful founding teams. Although the VCs came from different firms, all put an emphasis on the importance…  Read More

What VCs Can Do Better When An Opportunity Isn’t Right

There are several conversations currently on what VCs could do better in our relationships with future and current founders. Brad Feld posted about an entrepreneur’s frustration with a VC’s conflicting actions before, and then during, fundraising. Bijan Sabet challenged that…  Read More

Avalon’s Investment in Conjur


When Andy Palmer and Sunil Dhaliwal, two trusted colleagues of ours, separately introduced us to the founding team at Conjur after saying, “You must meet these guys; they are amazing,” we took notice. After meeting Elizabeth Lawler and Kevin Gilpin and hearing…  Read More

Defining Early Stage Investing

Avalon Ventures early stage venture capitalists

Avalon Ventures is a seed and early stage technology-focused venture fund with an emphasis on information technology and life sciences.  Quite often we are asked to define our early stage investment focus. There is no one-size-fits-all definition of what “early…  Read More