Shipbuilders Bet on Radical Hull Designs to Defeat Swarming Boat Threat


National Defense Magazine Earlier this year, satellite imagery revealed Iran’s construction of a full-size USS Nimitz-class aircraft carrier replica, which was created so that swarms of high-speed Iranian boats could practice destroying it. Defeating that threat will require a different kind…  Read More

Kaltura Announces Formation of Accessibility Advisory Board

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Company Partners with 10 Leading Education Institutions to Advance Video Standards and Accessibility for All Learners in Video Marketwired NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – September 24, 2014) - Kaltura, the leading video technology platform (, whose system is deployed in hundreds of…  Read More


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La Jolla’s Avalon, drug giant funding life-science startups By Bradley J. Fikes San Diego Union Tribune Building on their groundbreaking partnership, Avalon Ventures in La Jolla and the British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline announced Monday that they have jointly invested $20…  Read More

Where (in the Human Body) Venture Capital Is Going

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Eyes and Ears Draw Biggest Increases in Investments; Heart Is Strong, but Slipping Wall Street Journal By BRIAN GORMLEY  Sept. 15, 2014  What body parts are seeing the most striking rise in venture-capital funding? The answer in recent years has been…  Read More

Simulmedia’s New CMO Sees the Future of TV

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Says it’s all about aligning with the digital model ADWEEK By Lauren Johnson Specs Who David Cooperstein New gig CMO of Simulmedia Old gig Vp, practice leader for the CMO practice at Forrester Research Age 48 Twitter @Minicooper Photo: Alfred Maskeroni  How will your experience at…  Read More

Is the Navy missing the boat on the stealthy Ghost warship?

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(CNN) – Gregory Sancoff thinks he knows what the Navy needs, even before U.S. war planners do. The Navy, he says, needs Ghost. Sancoff is CEO of Juliet Marine Systems — maker of a futuristic-looking, 21st-century warship that he says can protect large…  Read More

The three things VCs value most in founding teams


People are the most important part of the startup equation. Here are the three most important traits that VCs look for in startup founding teams. TechRepublic When it comes to building a great company, there are many factors that come…  Read More

Biotechnology Turns to the Furred and Four-Legged

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The New York Times By: Andy Pollack Judging by some of the heavy action in the world of biotechnology, one could easily conclude that the industry is going to the dogs. Or cats, maybe.There are start-ups named Nexvet and VetDC,…  Read More

Early Stage Investors: Way More Than Just Money


NEW YORK – (DGIwire) — According to Webster’s New World Finance and Investment Dictionary, an “early stage investment” is “the financing provided by a venture capital firm to a company after it has received its initial, or seed, financing.” The definition goes…  Read More

Ear drug developer hears an IPO


U~T San Diego By Bradley J. Fikes San Diego biotech Otonomy filed Friday to raise up to $86 million in an initial public offering, just a few days after releasing positive Phase 3 data for its ear drug AuriPro. AuriPro was tested on children…  Read More