An Acquisition for the Digital Age: Meredith Corporation Acquires Selectable Media

Earlier this year, our portfolio company, Selectable Media, was acquired by Meredith Corporation.  We want to give a big congratulations to the Selectable Media team and express our excitement for Meredith as they continue to support the technology of Selectable Media to usher them even further into the digital age of advertising.

Selectable Media provides premium video advertising solutions for brands and publishers. They offer two extremely effective products that are major drivers of their success: Value Exchange and Sponsored Stories. Value Exchange engages consumers at a key point of interest and attention, allowing them to opt in to watch advertisements to access certain content. Sponsored Stories, on the other hand, are videos or content seamlessly integrated with a publication, allowing for user-initiated viewings. The innovative functionality of these two products do three key things for advertisers: better recall, brand-lift and better performance through consumer choice and user initiated experiences.

Meredith is the leader in content creation across media platforms in key consumer interest areas such as food, home, parenthood and health. They are most recognized for their brands including Better Homes and Gardens, Parents and Allrecipes. It comes with very little surprise that a distinguished publishing company like Meredith embraced Selectable Media’s unique technology to ensure their ads reach a highly qualified audience.

The acquisition is an exciting affirmation of the Selectable Media team’s hard work and the dedication and leadership of Founder and CEO Matt Minoff. We believed as Matt did that digital advertising was an enormous market that would grow exponentially as the internet became more prevalent. The acquisition of Selectable by Meredith is not only the realization of that collective vision but of beautiful and diligent execution by Matt and his team.

Jon Werther, President of Meredith Digital, said Selectable Media’s addition to Meredith will provide their marketers with an unparalleled suite of industry-leading and large-scale branded content creation, distribution and optimization solutions.

As part of the acquisition, Selectable Media Chief Executive Officer Matt Minoff will oversee Meredith Digital’s ad products and operations. Chief Operating Officer Marc Rothschild will oversee all of Meredith Digital’s advertising sales, sales marketing, and account management teams.

We could not be more excited about Selectable Media’s future as part of the Meredith Corporation as they continue to perfect the art of digital advertising.