Uwanna, Inc.

San Diego, CA

Uwanna, Inc. is an advertising platform integrated with social media networks such as Google+ and Facebook that delivers real-time, hyper-local offers to consumers as they’re planning activities. Friends invite each other to join in genuinely social activities and the proprietary Uwanna algorithm matches local offers to their events.

Uwanna is creating the first free and open-sourced offer-and-deal service that enables businesses to promote sustainable offers affordably and easily. Consumers interact with Uwanna via the mobile application, the Uwanna.com website, and the Uwanna Facebook application.

Businesses and brands, from local coffee shops to multi-national advertisers, deliver their offers via these services as well as through their own websites and banner advertising. The platform is also available for media companies to promote social activities around their content and enhance the value of their advertising inventory.

In addition to the Company’s consumer facing applications, Uwanna is developing a set of APIs so that the new third-party group messaging services (which are rapidly displacing carrier-based SMS clients) can integrate the offer platform and accelerate distribution of the Uwanna platform.