Mountain View, CA

RethinkDB is a seed stage company developing non-SQL database software intelligently designed to benefit from solid–state disks and persistent RAM memory storage.  The goal of ReThink DB is to offer commercial non-SQL compatible software designed to be extremely fast through the implementation of powerful features that are cumbersome and inefficient with rotational storage. Database software today is optimized for the latency inherent in rotational media. ReThink DB takes full advantage of solid-state drives, and persistent RAM making traditional data storage layouts unnecessary. The short-term goal of ReThink DB is to be the database of the future, today. As data centers switch to the next generation of disk drives, solid-state drives, and persistent RAM, ReThink DB intends to let customers take advantage of the new RAM and disk architecture and benefit from the vastly increased access speeds and concurrency to achieve vast performance improvements over existing database architectures.