San Francisco, CA

EdgeMakers: Empowering young innovators to change the world.

We are a young yet global company based in San Francisco that seeks to amplify the creativity and sense of purpose of this generation. We believe that all young people can  become powerful innovators and make a difference in the world, and we want to empower them to do so. We help students seek the “edge” – the competitive edge, the edge between traditional and new practices and disciplines, and the edge between what presently “is” and what is possible. The idealism of the young is one of the planet’s greatest untapped resources.

We believe today’s rising generation of young people have a moral perspective and a desire to do good that EdgeMakers can provide the tools for expressing. They need patient guides who can show them “how to” and provide the encouragement that in turn engenders the belief that they can do it.

We want to make the extraordinary ordinary.