COI Pharmaceuticals

La Jolla, CA

COI Pharma provides life science inventors with an environment where entrepreneurial and scientific risks are encouraged and rewarded.

Our Community of Innovation (COI) was established to provide Avalon Ventures’ portfolio companies a fully-equipped R&D infrastructure and industry mentors prepared to leverage their expertise to help entrepreneurial scientists succeed. By eliminating the operational noise that can distract scientists from drug discovery, COI Pharma empowers life science inventors to focus on driving a big idea forward and going where the science and their instincts take them.  Our Community of Innovation is not about group think – we surround ourselves with passionate people who are willing to challenge the dogma of science to identify a path forward in drug discovery where conventional thinking says to quit. At COI Pharma, not only are inventions maximized, but so is the potential for a meaningful economic return to entrepreneurial scientists and collaborators.

The COI approach is based on Avalon Ventures’ proven portfolio strategy for launching disruptive drug discovery, technology platform and healthcare IT companies in new market areas and providing ongoing support as they grow and increase in value. Avalon’s approach to early-stage venture investing is the convergence of a unique capital structure, real-time decision making, and the startup wisdom of our venture partners who are seasoned serial entrepreneurs. Read more