Avelas Biosciences, Inc.

San Diego, CA

Avelas Biosciences, Inc. is advancing a new, improved way of cancer surgery called fluorescence-image guided surgery (FIGS). Avelas’ mission is to pioneer a new standard-of-care in cancer surgery by providing a real time luminous map for oncologic surgeons leading to improved surgical results and better outcome for patients. The technology platform, called activatable cell penetrating peptide (ACPP), was invented by Prof. Roger Y. Tsien, the 2008 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry.

Specifically, the Avelas Cancer Illuminator™ (ACI) targets cancers via activation by pathologic enzymes used by a wide-variety of cancers to invade and metastasize. Avelas has created new proprietary versions more optimal for human application and is focused on advancing a lead ACI into human clinical trials along with companion FIGS visualization system designed to easily fit into the existing practice of oncologic surgery.

Avelas’ lead ACI program is focused on detecting metastatic breast cancer where it could enable real-time visualization of lymph node metastases, significantly improving surgical staging and decreasing the need for reoperations.