Korrelate, Inc.

New York, NY

Korrelate, Inc. formerly known as adsummos was founded in January 2010 by three members of the senior management team of TACODA: the former CEO, the former CTO and the former head of Revenue Operations. TACODA was a pioneer in behaviorally-targeted advertising and was sold to AOL in September 2007. Korrelate’s original business model incorporated partnering with premium web publishers to recapture higher cost per thousand impressions (CPMs) on their sites by offering precision targeted ads at scale to leading brand advertisers. The Company recently sold its real time bidding (RTB) platform to operative and is now focused on correlating online media spending to offline purchases in a privacy-safe manner. Its online-to-offline (O2O) solution allows marketers to directly connect their digital marketing spend to consumers who purchase their products offline. For the first time marketers will know if their digital investment is driving real sales.